The First CMS Kreator for UK!

Source: CMS Advanced Materials Technology

The First CMS Kreator for UK!

A new Partnership to push Additive Manufacturing in aerospace industry

CMS are delighted to announce we have entered a Partnership agreement with Pembrokeshire based United Aerospace Ltd (UA) which will result in the first CMS Kreator LFAM + Machine Centre being installed in the UK. 

This technical and commercial collaboration brings benefits to both parties and is primarily based on continued knowledge sharing, on-going application development and joint marketing activities and although once installed it is a system for real production it also effectively provides a UK showroom and laboratory to facilitate Cms Kreator trials & demonstrations for potential UA and CMS customers. 

Working with a range of materials to suit their customers application requirements UA will use this hybrid milling and large format additive machine to develop and produce actual products for their clients including autoclave tooling, jigs and fixtures for use in either their computerised autoclaves or assembly facility. 

Further updates of progress to follow! 

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