Sigmatex announced as winner of Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Award

Source: Sigmatex

As a leading independent converter of carbon fibre, Sigmatex continually strives to develop new and innovative products to meet the demanding needs of the composites industry, particularly across the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine sectors. Sigmatex is de lighted to have received the JLR Innovation Award, presented on behalf of the Northern Automotive Alliance at their annual awards dinner last night.

The award was presented for Sigmatex’s continued technical innovation, this time for its efforts in develo ping a new recycled carbon fibre textile which provides the ability to reformat all its production waste stream.

“To be recognised for the Jaguar Land Rover Innovation Award is a huge achievement which we’re very proud of. The award further acknowledges o ur commitment to addressing an industry – wide issue and supports our innovative nature to develop cutting edge textiles for our customers.” Paul McMullan, Global Commercial Manager commented.

With the carbon fibre market currently produ cing more than 60,000 tonnes each year, it’s estimated that at least 30% is classified as waste product and is sent to landfill. This, combined with an anticipated increase in demand for carbon fibre over the coming years will be detrimental for the environment.

Recognising the need to address this industry wide challenge, Sigmatex have focussed its efforts on developing a Recycled product which utilises its production waste stream. sigmaRF is a thermoplastic carbon fibre“hybrid’’ material, that can be press formed into a fin ished product. Successfully developing this product, has enable Sigmatex to convert a significant proportion of its waste in the past 12 months.

“Since the launch of sigma RF we’ve received a host of interest which extends across the Automotive, Sports an d Leisure sectors and it is our intention to continue to promote this technology across our customer platforms with extra focus on the automotive industry. The demand for both recycled materials and thermoplastic composites is growing significantly so we e xpect a very bright future for sigmaRF ” Paul added.

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