New JEC Group publication release: The JEC Composites Observer

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Looking for up-to-date global figures of the Composites materials market?
Wondering what is the size of this market in each region of the world?
Hunting for the growth potential per type of material and per industry? 

 Paris, May 13th, 2019 – The JEC Composites Observer will address all these questions giving graphs, key figures, market dynamics, opinion statements and insights to illustrate the state of composites globally. 

This publication is not just an overview of the composites market: as this first edition is set to become an annual rendez-vous, industrials and application industrials will also be regularly provided with key figures, trends and opportunities in order to develop their business and have an in-depth comprehension of the global composites market. 

This specific edition is rife with market data and growth forecast from 2018 to 2023 that will include meaningful market news, trends, figures and growth prospects by:
– Key geographic regions,
– Industrial sectors including Aerospace, Transportation and Automotive, Wind Energy, Marine, Building and Construction and Manufacturing. 

To mark this new JEC Group publication release, a synthesis of The JEC Composites Observer will be presented on June 20th at 8 am during JEC Forum Chicago at Navy Pier. 

 Save the date: 

June 20th, 8am at the Grand Ballroom 

JEC Forum Chicago at Navy Pier 

“The new study, written in collaboration with Estin & Co, is full of information and inspires enthusiasm in many respects. The good news is not so much that we can attach figures to the growth in recent years, but that our industry will continue to grow through to the year 2023, which is as far as our forecasts go. We don’t doubt that it will continue well beyond that. This future growth will be the result of the growth of certain application markets, and of the higher rate of penetration into other sectors.” Frédéric Reux, Media Director & Editor-in-Chief at JEC Group 

Summary of the overview: 

• Perimeter and definitions
• Composites industry value chain
• Key figures of the global composites industry in 2018
• Market dynamics of composites industry by geographies
• Market dynamics of composites industry by “end user” industry
• Focus: Composites adjacent markets 

The composite sector employs 550,000 professionals worldwide.
In 2018, it generated 83 billion euros in sales. 

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