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Paris, 5th March 2018 – As part of its new partnership with CoreTechnologie, the leader in 3D CAD model visualisation software, IPC is launching its pre-dimensioning tool for estimating the cooling times of injected part: MoldTherm™. This application, entirely designed and developed by IPC, aims to meet the need expressed by plastics manufacturers to reduce time-to-market for new products.
The software is currently marketed within the “3D Analyzer Plastic Edition” package. 


IPC - CORETECHNOLOGIE Pre-dimensioning


Reducing manufacturing times and costs 

With this new tool, IPC is bringing a service to plastics manufactures, toolmakers, moulders and designers to optimise production cycles. It encourages innovation by making quick decisions upstream of the product development process. MoldTherm™ optimises the thermal behaviour of injection tools by quickly estimating the optimal cooling time of the injected part: During professional market commissions, manufacturers have argued that digital simulation is becoming essential in the design of industrial products, especially for complex products. It offers a better definition of the production parameters and contributes to reduced manufacturing time and costs!”, explains Yves SCHMITT, Head of Corporate Relations at IPC.

Supporting manufacturers to make the digital transition 

MoldTherm™ software is part of IPC’s NUMPLAST digital platform, which offers modelling and digital simulation services in plastics processing. “As an Industrial Technical Centre, we invest a lot of resources to meet the specific needs and requests of professionals in plastics and composites. One of our aims is to support manufactures to make the digital transition. With MoldTherm™, we open up possibilities by offering them the opportunity to test specific digital tools at an intermediate level between the spreadsheet and expert software, says Alban AGAZZI, Digital Manager at IPC.

NUMPLAST also hosts complementary software, such as MCOOL®, which allows the optimal design of mold cooling system control circuits, and HydroMold™, which validates the proper balancing of flow and temperature control unit selection. Ultimately these tools will be integrated into our 3D Analyzer Plastic Edition to offer a complete software suite dedicated to thermal optimisation.

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