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Translating the needs and desires of customers in projects and products with the highest profile has been the drive of FKgroup since the start of its operations in 1961. The company, based in Dalmine (Bergamo, Italy) has become internationally known for the analysis, planning and automation for the cutting of fashion, home textile, automotive and composites fabrics, among others. FKgroup counts a large portfolio of important Italian and International customers, spanning 4 continents and 101 states and over 3,000 installations and 10,000 machines across the globe. Beyond this success and the market penetration, there is a strong, well-tested philosophy whose pillars are the pursuit of excellence in responding to the ever-changing demands of the market and the provision of customization and tailored-made services to serve and support customer-driven innovation and ideas. What makes the company stand out in a highly competitive environment is the passion and dedication to its clients coupled with outstanding and know-how and the ability to merge tradition with the highest level of technology (thanks also to the collaboration with Siemens and Fanuc). With a thorough knowledge of the productive process, FKgroup has the ability to manage the inputs and outputs of the materials. All the machines have a high level of quality (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015) and are sustainable, environmental-friendly with reduced energy consumption and CO₂ emissions and safe (ISO 5011). The company designs its cutting machines pointing at both the origin and the final destination of the material and it is able to come up with the best made-to-measure solutions for its customers. Each environment becomes a new concept of production. The centrality of the customers is ensured and safeguarded throughout the process. An expert and one internal R&D can evaluate customized projects, according to the specific and unique requests. The well-organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time while a widespread network of distributors ensures timely delivering. The customer service can quickly address any problems, operating at peak efficiency to satisfy the customers.

FKgroup - cutting solutions Tecno Freccia

Tecno Freccia is the FKgroup’s flagship automated cutting system that can revolutionize the design and manufacturing processes of composites (including prepreg carbon fiber) and other materials. It is largely used by important companies in the sectors of aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, defense, protective clothing for small and medium productions. The machine – in the words of Sergio Gori, currently FK group’s CEO – is the result of more than 50 years of technology. This award-winning design automatic cutting system Conveyor type for Single Ply and lays up to 2.5cm compressed height is versatile, accurate, fast, and efficient – all features shared with the wide range of products the company offers. Tecno Freccia is powered by the JUST CUT software with ISO and HPGL files direct import and Tool. All cutting parameters are easy, fast and safe to set. With an average consumption of 5.6kW, it is a convenient and efficient solution in the cutting industry. Other notable specifications are: dust vacuum filter; polythene bar supports; operator safety light indicator; Wi-fi preset; bar code reader. Furthermore, the camera operator support and the remote maintenance and technical assistance (also via Web) allow the client to work without distress. Tecno Freccia is available in different configurations and comes with customizable tools and cutting head options to better suit any production. This productive and flexible machine interacts with the factory and with the whole enterprise, and wholly meets the rising demand for customization, model diversity and safety requirements, keeping costs down and productivity high.

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