What is CompositesPress and how does it work?

CompositesPress is a social magazine where all the players from the composite materials sector (from raw materials producers to end users, from industry experts to researchers) can meet, get updates and share their experiences. The best way to get involved is registering: sign in as user or company and you’ll be able to read all updates, publish your contents and interact with the rest of the community by sharing and commenting on publications.

How do I register?

Click on “Register” in the upper right menu: then, on the registration page, choose your “Username” and a password (on the left column) with which you will log into your account.

Please, note that the username you choose must be a single word – no spaces and will be visible to all users (they’ll use this Username to mention you in their updates).

In the right column, enter your name or company name. From the drop down menu below, choose the type of account: User for individuals or Company.

Accept the terms and conditions and click “Complete Sign Up”.

You will receive an email at the email address indicated to complete the account activation.

Go back to the home page, click login and entering your email and password you can start using the Social Magazine.

As a first step, we recommend that you complete your profile with your photo and contact details.

To know how to do this, go to the next paragraph.

Where do I find my profile details?

Once logged in, click on your name on the menu in the top right of your page to access your dashboard.

From here you can check all your social activities and your profile information.

In the “Activitiy” menu you can find your updates, mentions, favorites and your friends.

This is the section of your dashboard where to find all information on you (contact details and professional details).

Click “Edit” to complete or update your profile.

Click “Change Profile Photo” to upload or update your picture (the one that will display next to your name when publishing updates).

Click “Change Cover Image” to upload or update the background image.

In the “Notifications” menu you can find, for example, friendship requests, mentions from other users or other alerts.

This is the section where to find all users and companies that you follow more closely. With them you share one another’s contact details. To see what of your profile information is visible and to whom, go to the SETTINGS paragraph here below.

In the Settings menu you can find all details of your account. Here you can change the password and email address of your account.

In this section you can choose whether and which notifications to receive by email.

Here you can customize the visibility of certain information by other users.

Click on “delete account” to permanently delete your account and all related information (including published updates).

How do I start publishing updates on CompositesPress?

Sharing your updates on CompositesPress is super easy!

Once registered, first make sure that you have completed your profile, so that the rest of the community can know you better.

In the publishing box “What’s new?” (displaying on the homepage once logged in) enter the text to be posted: to mention someone, use @username so that the user/company can receive the notification of your update.

By clicking on the button on the lower left bottom of the box, you can upload an image.

If you paste a link in the box, instead, a preview of the content will be automatically generated.

You will be able to edit your update for the following 30 minutes to correct any typos. You can cancel your update at any time, instead.

How can I collaborate with you?

The exchange of ideas is CompositesPress’s mission, so the contribution of everyone is essential. If you are interested in becoming author and publishing in-depth articles on CompositesPress (and not only updates on the homepage), email us here >.

If you’d like your Press releases to be published on this website, please use the form here >.

Can I plan an adv campaign on CompositesPress?

Would you like to become advertiser and plan your advertising campaign on CompositesPress? Write us here > choosing “Advertising”.