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8th International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials

18 May - 19 May

8th International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials

CONFERENCE SERIES brings in a very new spin on conferences by presenting the most recent scientific enhancements in your field. Hear motivating keynotes from thought leaders, or rub elbows with pioneers across the world. CONFERENCE SERIES is ready for an incredible Webinar with pride presents the “8th International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials” regular on May 18-19, 2022 | London, UK.

CONFERENCE SERIES heartily welcome researchers, academicians, students and business professionals within the field of Material Science and Engineering from round the world to participate within the approaching Ceramics 2022. The meeting for this year can revolve round the theme “Ceramics in an Emerging World” so relaying the foremost last findings within the field of Ceramics and Composite Materials

Ceramics and Composite Materials is an acclaimed scientific discipline, expanding in recent decades to surround polymers, ceramics, glass, composite materials and biomaterials. Materials science and engineering, involves the discovery and design of new materials. Many of the most pressing scientific problems humans currently face are due to the limitations of the materials that are available and, as a result, major breakthroughs in materials science are likely to affect the future of technology significantly. Materials scientists lay stress on understanding how the history of a material influences its structure, and thus its properties and performance. All engineered products from airplanes to musical instruments, alternative energy sources related to ecologically-friendly manufacturing processes, medical devices to artificial tissues, computer chips to data storage devices and many more are made from materials.  In fact, all new and altered materials are often at the heart of product innovation in highly diverse applications.

We invite you, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, to this excellent meeting with Participation of great scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Ceramics and composite materials World, which will be held from May 18-19, 2022 at London, UK. The event has been carefully designed so as to acknowledge the various recent researches.